Bokashi Organko Set (2 x 16L) Grey-Lime with 2kg Bokashi Bran

£ 72.00 GBP

With the Bokashi kitchen buckets and bran, you ferment your own kitchen waste in the house.

With the Bokashi kitchen bucket, you ferment your own kitchen waste in the house. Collect your kitchen waste in the airtight bucket and sprinkle the layers of waste with Bokashi starter.

The Effective Micro-organisms present in the Bokashi starter ensure that the fresh kitchen waste present ferments instead of decaying. Rotting and stench are not given a chance in this fermentation process. In exchange, you get good nutrition for the soil life.

A set of Bokashi kitchen buckets consists of two buckets, 2KG Bokashi bran, a pestle, a collection tray, a measuring spoon and a manual.

Produced from environmentally friendly and safe materials. The product is recyclable.
Made in the EU. BPA Free!

Volume: 16L

Dimension: 38 x 27 x 32 cm

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I have been absolutely amazed at the effects of using the Bokashi Bin: it does exactly what it says it will do. Putting all my food waste in the Bokashi bin means that I empty my waste bin every 10 days instead of 3x in 10 days! (I already recycle paper, card, plastic, glass, etc.) My waste bin no longer smells or leaks because there is no organic matter in it. The Bokashi bin is ideal to use in my flat as I have family nearby who welcome the first bin to add to their compost whilst I use the second bin. This has been a revelation and a life-changer for me. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Thanks for the advice, Compost Guy! Rosie, Sheffield

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