18th - 24th September 2023
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Green Johanna and Insulating Jacket Bundle

Green Johanna and Insulating Jacket Bundle

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The Green Johanna is a top-performing hot composter that turns food waste - including cooked food, meat, fish and dairy - and garden waste into quality compost within months.
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Product Information

The Green Johanna is a top-performing hot composter that turns food waste - including cooked food, meat, fish and dairy - and garden waste into quality compost within months.

There is plenty of capacity for ALL your food waste, as well as plenty of garden waste as this hot compost bin has 330L capacity.

Designed in Sweden and made in the UK from 100% recycled plastic, it has an expected lifespan of 10 years or more.

The Johanna’s patented airflow and ventilation systems create optimum conditions for a busy ecosystem of composting micro-organisms to digest waste, releasing energy as they do – hence the term hot composter.

One Johanna is designed to cope with the average food waste of a household of five and compostable waste from an average garden.

The robust modular screw-locked design significantly reduces threat of rodent ingress.

The Green Johanna comes with a handy compost aerator to stir compost every few weeks. This is really good to keep the contents aerated and to speed up the composting process.

This product further helps the environment by being manufactured from 100% recycled plastic.

Composter Design features

  • The Johanna is made up of easily-assembled sections that form an enclosed unit with an integrated base plate that allows easy access to composting micro-organisms while deterring rodents. It should be placed in a shady area on soil, grass or gravel.
  • The secure, twist-able lid regulates the ventilation system to adjust air circulation.  The efficient airflow system helps to maintain an aerobic environment, which, together with effective layering and aerating, prevents odours.
  • Two secure, good-sized sliding hatches at opposite sides of the unit mean that your finished compost is easy to access but won’t leak out before you need it.
  • The Johanna has been designed robust enough to withstand Swedish winters and enable year-round composting.
  • Depending on conditions, your fresh organic compost should be ready to use after 4-6 months.
  • The Green Johanna is fully guaranteed for five years.
  • Self-assembly.

This hot composter won the Which? Best Buy for Compost Bins in 2021!

Insulating Jacket

Facilitates all year round composting when temperatures consistently fall below 5 degrees Celsius.

Made from foam polyethylene.

Easy to fit and remove

The insulating jacket should be fitted when the average outdoor temperature consistently falls below 5°C for a number of days and removed when the temperature is constantly above 10°C.

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