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Want to know more about composting and reducing your food waste?

Composting is not only an eco-friendly way to reduce food waste and lower your greenhouse emissions - but also a really fun and interesting hobby!

Good news everyone! icon The brand new Compost Guy App is now available!

Composting Basics

Have a look at the guides below for some basic information on composting

What Can I Compost

What you add to your compost depends on the type of composting you are doing. Use our helpful guide to see what you can and can't compost.

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About Composting

Compost is made from organic materials such as uncooked kitchen scraps, garden waste, and untreated paper/cardboard. Over time, these materials decompose to create compost.

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Types of Composting Methods

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From compost, manure and bark chips to compost bins, Bokashi and the amazing "Hotbin Composter", we have the products to help you get started with composting and reducing your waste.

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Brands (friends) I've worked with

Unity Technologies

Working with the Workplace Experience team, I delivered a seminar about how to start composting. It was fun!


I worked with the creative team at Addis to create a video about composting for their social media campaign. Watch the video!


I provided a 'Get Composting' guide to share on the Eco-Ness blog to highlight being sustainable. See blog post


It was great to work with the Fair Trade pioneer on a blog post to educate their followers about composting at home. See blog post


Can I help you with your brand or products? Get in touch and we can see how we can work together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions

Can I compost meat?

You can compost meat in your hot composter (Hotbin/Aerobin) and Bokashi composting buckets, but it is not advisable in your standard garden compost bin. This is because meat attracts rats vermin!

Is it ok to add my tea bags to the compost?

Tea bags generally contain micro-plastics which are bad for the soil. If you want to compost tea bags then we advise plastic free tea bags.

What types of composting are there?

There are a range of options for composting. Standard garden compost bins/piles, Bokashi, Worm (Vermiculture) and hot composters like Hotbin/Aerobin. The method depends on what and why you are composting.

Is composting expensive?

Not at all! A standard garden compost bin can cost from as little as £20 with council subsidies new. You can of course spend a lot more if you wish on other bins. The costs vary depending on the type of composting you want to do. Take a look at our shop...

How can I speed up composting?

A good compost pile needs to have a good balance of green and brown materials. It needs to be moist, retain heat and have access for oxygen. You also need to turn it regularly. To add a speed boost you can use compost accelerators which are affordable and most are eco-friendly.

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Good news everyone! icon The brand new Compost Guy App is now available!