18th - 24th September 2023
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Hotbin Mega 700 Litre

Hotbin Mega 700 Litre

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The all-new HOTBIN Mega 700 Litre encompasses everything you love about HOTBIN but on a different scale. Batch composting on mass has never been this quick and easy.
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Product Information

The HOTBIN Mega is like no other compost bin on the market, it will quickly chomp through all your food and garden waste turning it into rich, organic compost that your green space will love.

The innovative design and super insulating walls of the material keeps the HOTBIN HOT, creating a natural environment which quickly digests the contents, making HOT composting easier and faster - all without having to add any composting accelerators or activators!

HOTBIN reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill by composting more types of food waste. Be less selective by composting 100% of all food and garden waste without the traditional composting problems of odour, flies, turning and tumbling.

The science of the HOTBIN Mega bin is exactly the same as the tried and tested HOTBIN and HOTBIN Mini that have thousands of satisfied customers and a stack load of reviews and case studies proving that HOTBIN really is a HOT composting bin that works.

It HOT composts all year round to RECYCLE even more of your food and garden waste into RICH compost fast. Expect compost every 90 days without forking, tumbling, undue odour or flies.

Household Size - Large Family, Large Garden / Allotment

More space, more waste, more compost

Assembly: Supplied flatpack - assembly required (2 persons recommended)

Trust HOTBIN, the HOT composting bin that lets you put more in!

HOTBIN Mega Composting Benefits

  • Rich, peat free compost fast in 90 days
  • More compost - recycle all food and garden waste
  • Easy to set up and use - no back-breaking turning or tumbling, undue odour or flies
  • Locate on any even surface - sun or shade
  • Self-contained bin (with a base)
  • Better for the environment
  • No accelerators or activators needed
  • Works ALL year round

Finding the Right Spot?

Locate HOTBIN Mega on any flat surface, in sun or shade, feed the bin all year round and achieve HOT composting throughout the year and rich compost in every 90 days.

What Do I Need to Add?

To maintain the HOTBIN Mega's temperature you need a minimum quantity of approx. 20KG of waste per week to maintain hot composting. (20 KG or 40 litres, roughly one mower box full or ½ a wheel barrow full).

Add in shredded paper or card to control moisture levels when adding wet waste items like fruit and vegetable waste and grass. Also a great way to recycle paper and cardboard packaging.

Add in bulking agent (partially composted woodchip) to provide aeration.


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